Diary 1626

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1626 Sea season

1626 Fire season

1626 Earth season

1626 Dark season

1626 Storm season

  • 1
    Handwriting is slightly unclear. Likely from Private Journal.
  • 2
    Grants would technically been given in name of Prince of Sartar even in occupation time.
  • 3
    Clearly showing power of Esrolian rhetorical education over unschooled barbarian mind.
  • 4
    It has been posited that Xenofos wrote this in honour of the famed Humakti, Berra Jarang’s Daughter, but given his known commentary on the barbarian warrior, it seems highly unlikely.
  • 5
    The attribution of this work to the Scholar Xenofos has been called into question. It fits neither his style, nor does it seem to have a place within the body of his collected works.
  • 6
    Alleyn (Amb. 43) opines this would be a conceptual and literal dawn, having Xenofos afraid of the rise of Sartar, rather than the cold melancholy of a Sartarite Dawn. Given the time of year, ‘cold’ is an odd word for temperature, says he.
  • 7
    What is not said is probably more important than what gets said
  • 8
    Grasschen (2004) calls this, ‘Weird collusion of two different cults of dead. With neither deity behaving believably.’
  • 9
    (original author V.A.Koskenniemi. Trans. Xenofos)
  • 10
    Weavers of Straw
  • 11
    orig. Desert flower, Joshua Kadison, chopped and modified
  • 12
    modified from a first Dynasty Babylonian text, circa 1600 BC