Fragment 2.42 – The Defeat of Humakt

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 42


Called on by powers that dragonewts summoned
Berra was quick to give answer as Humakt
Striking to separate there in the Godplace
Found she was parried by Yanafal Tarnils

Bent was the sword of the foe who opposed her
Bent for the Death-god had rule over Death-shapes
Long was the battle and once Berra triumphed
Yanafal Tarnils was saved by his goddess

Once more they clashed and the blade knew no mercy
Yanafal Tarnils was swift and was skillful
Wrestling Humakt when blades were in hazard
Walking away leaving Humakt defeated

Berra awoke to the knowledge of failure
She had not stopped one who bent Death to suit him
Angry she rose to find challenge in any
Spoke with respect to Var-eel of the kopis

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