With All Due Disrespect

Berra — Disrespect 01



After volunteering for a Heroquest, Berra walks Xenofos to his temple, on the way to hers. [[[s01:session-26|Session 26]]]


“By the way milady. You were quite disrespectful to lady Varanis earlier. Please refrain from such acts in the future.”

“Oh really? When?”

“At the altar. Laying hands on a noblewoman is disrespectful. I say this because of the respect I hold to Your vocation and prowess.”

“Yes, but when? I’d like to know the situation and I can’t narrow it down.” Berra looks unconcerned, but politely listening. Not worried, not dismissive.

“When wrestling with her – she is not some barmaid to be dragged to the mud.”

“Oh. Well, she was being disrespectful to a goddess. Did you take that up with her?” Berra smiles slightly, in a way that is only a little pointed.

“It was fortunate You did not draw blade. Thank you for that.”

Berra adds, “Or maybe a god. But yes, drawing on her would have been wrong. But stopping her? Right. And if you want it done politely, you do it well, first.”

A nod- clearly not believing. “Is that a market?”


Berra continues to be polite, and give a deep bow when they part – it’s crisp enough and has enough facial expression that it’s almost certain she means it entirely.

The bow is returned – with precisely the right amount of courtesy due to someone of just slightly lower social status.

Either Berra can’t read that, or she is good at covering satisfaction. Still, she starts to look nervous as she walks away.