Venlar And Berra in Wilmskirk

Berra — Venlar And Berra 02

????, Earth Season, Disorder Week


Earth Season, Disorder Week, after dusk on Godsday. Venlar and Berra are currently NPCd by the same person. [[[s02:session-2|Session 2.2]]]


“Berra. May I call you Berra?”

“Can’t stop you. How can I help you?”

“You can call me Venlar, if you like.”

“Thanks. How can I help you?”

“You’ve asked me that twice now.”

“You’re in the watch tower. And you’re noble.”

“This is my family’s house. And you’re a guest in the watch tower.”

“Well, I’m a Humakti. But I get what you’re saying. How can I help you?”

“Why should I need anything from you?”

“You’re a noble, in a watch tower.”

“Your Orlanthi takes watch.”

“Not today. And not in her own house.”

“Fair. But yes, I did want to talk to you.”

“It’s quiet here. The air’s moving enough nobody will overhear us. All we need is rain. And we lost the watchers who were lying on the roof. You?”

“My brother. He assigned them beds. If there is an attack, anything big enough to take the house will alert us as it comes in, or else will not be a problem spare eyes can manage.”

“Thanks. I’ll just stay here anyhow.”

“So. Berra. I met my uncle.”

“The Wyter Priest?”



“He seems to have changed, between you briefing me and me meeting him.”

“I didn’t brief you. But he has changed.”

“I don’t want to ask anything you can’t answer…”

“That’s good. You’ll find out if you have when I don’t answer it. Want some of this nut mix stuff? It’s good.”

“Just a bit. I’ve eaten. Mellia mentioned you had killed a Demon.”

“Yes. It was formed from him, I think. Or from his memories. I didn’t quite understand that part, but it spoke in his voice.”

“Do you think that’s why he changed?”

different shrug

“You don’t know? Or you can’t answer?”

“I could answer, but the answer would be I don’t know. I do know that it’s dead. Humakt was with me. It’s not a living being any more. I.. I was defending the Cross, and my High Priest.”

“Naturally. Do you think they were still connected?”

second shrug, repeated

“May I ask what happened?”

“Of course you can. I’ll even tell you without you asking – he went through a pretty damned horrific Heroquest, to cut out what he had remembered that could kill him. Ikadz Captures Humakt. It’s the worst thing you could go through, as a Humakti, I think. I’ve been through the other one that comes close, and I probably got the better deal. I think he’s changed because he’s paying a different price now. Irillo would have been different under the knife.”


“Yeah. Watching it was bad enough. And then the Demon talked from Irillo, and there was some fighting. But… I don’t think it was to do with the Demon. I think it was to do with the Quest. Although the Demon might have been the power behind it. It said something about its time finally coming. But it’s dead, so we can’t ask it.”

“Is Lord Eril more kind to you now?”

“Yep. And if you tell me that’s a weakness in him, I’ve got form for defending him.”

“Caution. You are in my father’s house.”

“I know. I invited the Demon out, too. But I don’t think you’re saying that. I think you’re just wondering. I reckoned I should make it clear – he’s the Regiment, and I owe him my loyalty.”1Special Loyalty Temple!

“Some people would say you are too eager to leap to defend a man who can defend himself, you know?”

“I know. Those people can form a line and argue among themselves who gets to change me, though.”

“I see. Do you need anything more up here?”

“Someone else on watch would be good. It’s nice to have someone to ignore.”

“I’ll send someone. Thank you for the snack.”

“My pleasure. Are you fine on the ladder?”

“Yes I–“

“Are you alright?”

“I will be… It’s just a twisted ankle.”

Berra goes back to watching. Venlar is helped away by thralls.

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    Special Loyalty Temple!