Try Meditation

Berra — Try Meditation

????, Sea Season


End of Sea Season. Boldhome’s Temple of Humakt. [[[s01:session-30|Session 30]]]


. o O ( He said, “You’re like a little Sword…” )

. o O ( But he is a little Sword. )

. o O ( Maybe he’s really relieved to have someone to palm than name off on. )

. o O ( I wonder if anyone ever called him that. )

“What resources of this Temple could be available to Varanis, for protection? Do you ever wonder how you’ll be judged in the Court of Silence? Is the Regiment going to march?”

1) Dependth on other duties
2) No.
3) Yeth.

“Have you been to Wilmskirk lately? Does this scar look like a wolf tooth to you? What Prophecy?”

1) No
2) No
3) Hmmmmm?

“You said there was a prophecy. I wanted to see if you’d tell me yet.”

1) She meets thome of the requirements of an old prophethy. But at least she hath the right to develop to her betht. What elth ith fate?

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it. Should I?”

1) It’th less trouble if you don’t.

“I knew that when I asked. I’m going to take that as ‘concentrate on what needs to be done right now, we are busy’ and save trouble until I have time for trouble. Do you know what our Clade will be doing…. uh, do you know what a Clade is? I don’t hear that word up here.”

He shakes his head

“It means branch, or at least it did in the Battalion. It’s an Esrolian word, I think. The group with the common Lord, or Ruler, when it’s talking about people. So everyone under your sword, as I’m talking to you. I think if it’s talking about trees it means the same thing, but from the joint nearest to the trunk. Do you know what we’re… well, I asked that already.”

And a few moments later, “I still want you to answer the question, though! Do you know what our Clade will be doing?”

There’s a pause from the Duck.

1) It’th being dithcuthed.

“Should you tell me if you knew? I’ve been looking at the supplies and … as far as I can tell from the amount we have, we’re capable of going around Pavis a couple of times and marching back. I … I’m lost. And if I tell you how impatient I’m feeling you may urge me to practice meditation.”

1) Should I? It dependth what the Printh decides.

“Well, yes. Good point. Sorry. I’m just…” A wince… “Feeling really impatient.”

1) Try meditation.

. o O ( I hate that Duck. )

. o O ( I really hate that Duck. Feathery tyrant! )

. o O ( And I did just tell him to BE one. )

. o O ( And then he was! how is that fair? )

. o O ( I am not meditating. I am going for a run. )

. o O ( … alright. Now I am tired and I still hate that Duck. I am going back. )