The Puzzle Of Humakt

Berra — Berra Puzzle Of Humakt



Almost the first words Berra heard from the High Sword Eril were, ‘Humakt chooses the best people.’ She spent some time thinking about this, after he had told her to perform a Heroquest she thought was beyond her.


Eril says Humakt chooses the best people. That’s a deep pool to fall into. Are they always best? Was I, when I became a lay member? Does the God know?

In the end, he chooses everyone. Everyone dies and goes through his shadow, joyfully or fearfully. But that cannot be what he meant.

Humakt chooses the best people. The ones who hear the call, and the ones who initiate. Those who flourish under the burden. Those who are not afraid of death, and do not fight it, but wield it. For Humakt, they must be strong in honour. The burden is great, for Humakti bear fragments of his Great Power.

Was he pushing me into danger? Taking me at my word – as he should – when I volunteered? Was this a way of testing me? Am I strong enough for him, and for Humakt? I should not fear danger. So should I fear failure? Should I dance on a cliffside to prove my mettle? No. But I should never fear death. I should fear failure’s consequences for others, but not for me. If I am scorned for failure, that is nothing, but if others are hurt for it, that is because I could not take the burden of honour and strength.

Humakt chooses the best people.

Humakt does not know what is in my mind, but he can tell by my actions what I am. Does he choose them all for himself? When a member joins another temple also, what does that mean? )


Humakt chooses the best people. The sword chooses them, but the sword is death. Humakt marks the best people for death.

Praise be to Humakt.

Humakt chooses the best people. Some must go swiftly, some at the ends of their lives. He chooses, but what he chooses to do with them, we cannot understand. Humakt is the Separator. To be chosen is to be set aside, made different.

Once dead, a thing is chosen forever.

Only Humakt does not let the dead return. He is Death and his choice is final. There is no Question, for he is Death and Truth. He chooses the best for Truth. He knows Truth and carries it.

Praise Be to the Fair God, the Dark-headed God, the Grim God. Praise to the end-bringer who finishes what must be finished.

Humakt chooses the best people.