Starting the Quest

Berra — Questing 01

1626, Fire Season, Truth Week


Berra has prepared herself to be Humakt in case her High Sword cannot be, but it seems when they approach the Temple of Humakt that he is well enough, after all. Season 1, Session 45


Oh good, he’s up. He’s Humakt.

He’s so impressive.

He’s… got that grip wrong. Lord Eril is not holding his sword right for this.

Fuuuuuuck. He’s letting the weight stay down.

He’s not ready for battle.

Maybe he is. And he’s just holding back his strength. But he wouldn’t. He knows he’s going to kill. He’s not holding it right for a killing strike. He’s fighting to act this.

I’ll just get closer, just in case I have to step in.

He does not look good, underneath1Special on First Aid..

Pale. Kohl under his eyes. That’s not just for the glare. Not for looks either. It’s applied too wide. He must look worse without it. He’s letting it cover him. A shield against eyes.

He’s pausing in his words. Long words, short sentences. Breathing between. Superior words, like he should. His lips are dry. That smile’s disguising it.

Stand ready. Just in case. Trust Eril. He knows himself.

But if he’s wrong…

That’s clumsy. He’s never going to reach.



All swords are the Sword. I am Humakt too.

~ # [ examine and understand and calculate and ... ]

That’s his spirit. Nothing to hide. Strike. That is the important part.

Like that. He’s done it. I only helped guide his hand. All swords are Death. I am Death too.

His hand was cold. Was he sweating or is it just me? Fire season… Did I smell blood before Orlanth fell?

Orlanth’s bleeding. But not a lot.

Because my Lord let his sword go.

Does he need my support? He’d never accept it in front of others.

Orlanth. Varanis. Dead.

Oh. And here I-

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    Special on First Aid.