Rajar Gives Advice while on a Bison

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On the road to Clearwine, Berra talks with Rajar, the newest member of her Clan, about Chaos, future personal development, and being Humakt or Urox. [[[s01:session-29|Session 29]]]


Early on in the ride to Clearwater, Berra will come to sit on Billy’s back, and after a bit get bored of sitting and stand to watch the landscape drift past. She taps Rajar on the armour with a politely gentle fist. “Big man. Can you take me to a Storm Bull Temple? I want to find out what that Jackobear thing was.”

“Of course. The temple in Boldhome is nearest and good. Aldachur has a very big temple if needed. I would be happy to introduce you. I suspect that they have powers that had the fight lasted longer would have been dangerous. Perhaps Stormbull protected us.”

“If we stop off in Boldhome, then I know Harmast a little. You being there will probably stop people trying to push me around. I know we were good, but … well, we might have been lucky as well and I get the idea Storm Bull does not hang around protecting people all the time. In some ways I can’t protect myself, though. If things attack through the spirit or through my lungs, I could fall and be taken.”

“Yes… Fighting two chaos creature’s and nobody died or got sick. We were very lucky. I took a Risk not calling for his rage…”

“A… well, the result was good. I think it was a good risk because we did not know the situation, but maybe you should have. Trying to tell afterwards just means you are alive to make guesses.” Berra steadies herself on his shoulder against one of Billy’s stumbles. “I have to know more. I want to get a better understanding of Humakt, but that will drain me, and the ghost… the ghost scared me. It would have used me against others. At least it would not have had my skill, though. So there’s that.”

“Aye. Learning ways to counter spirits and magic…..what that lunar did to Dormal. Stormbull’s fury protects me to some extent ….but not the lesser magics. And it works better against Chaos. I did not believe that there would be only one Broo. There’s always more Broo. I should inspect the herds.”

“That is for the Clan to do now. You trusted us to come to you, and we did. Trust them to stick to the hunt. We can come back to the Clan after Clearwine, and after asking about Jackobears. Check them then to make sure, but … the Village knows what to look for. They have seen Broo-wounds before.” Berra’s voice is light and dismissive, suddenly, like seeing the mess that Broo make of animals is not a problem to her.

“Good. It will be a pleasure to ride…..and walk….the boundaries of the lands keeping people safe. Alongside you and the clan warriors.”

“Yes. I can hardly believe I came back there. I thought I might be delivered by way of my valuables, for my heirs. To have you and everyone else there is the best thing. And it’s a day from the road to Alda Chur, so we might yet get to go there after fighting, next season.”

“I should look at a small shrine to Stormbull here one day. I know that the big temple is close but Chaos will always be a threat here. Until we cleanse the hollow.”

“That sounds like a job for heroes. For the future. Right now, I am trying to work out how to help Varanis. She’s going to be good if we help her to grow right.”

“Yes. And if the clan becomes stronger for it there is more chance of fighting off chaos and lunars later. Or raiding them.”

Berra heaves a big sigh. “I want to learn the True Sword gift. And how to see that people are lying. And I want not to be left in a state where my friends are in danger because of the weakness of my spirit. Does Storm Bull have any advice, other than ‘probably charge, or else drink’?”

“Your enemies can’t kill your family or friends if they are dead. The jackobear is a fine example. It probably had many powers we did not let it use because we struck it down.”

Berra plays a short tune with her knuckles on Rajar’s helmet, then stops suddenly. “Sorry… Thinking habit. I’m trying to guess at what the future holds. What battles will we face next? Can Wind Tooth and my friends carry me through the next seasons? If I go mad will you aim for the legs, not the head?”

“Of course. The Lunars should come for us. If they don’t we should raid or free Tarsh. Maybe the lunars will summon another chaos army from the hollow. The fight will come. Kallyr will choose the fight. We shall fight.”

“You are the best of friends! And yes. I get to … wait, summon another Chaos army? Go back and say more about that?”

“In the past armies of chaos beings have issued from the hollow. I would not expect them to answer the Lunars’ call …. but I wasn’t expecting the crimson bat either. More hordes really.”

“Right. I see. They could. I’m looking forward to finding out what the plans were, and how much of them we can keep to. I want to see that and survive.”

“The hollow was created destroying most of a chaos army by earth priestesses collapsing the ground under them. Deep under the earth chaos still festers. And the snake pipe that caused the collapse, a sacred relic of ernalda has never been recovered. Like that hill in the marsh you mentioned. It is a great challenge to stormbulls to head out to recover the snake pipe.”

“If you going out, are you allowed to stop before you are successful?” Berra stands on the back of the saddle to look around.

“Oh yes! The devil himself lies under the block in Prax. Stormbull doesn’t expect me to kill him personally. It is permitted to try and fall back. Not flee you understand. Retreat to fight another day.”

“I understand. I know you would not flee – you would come back. Hold solid in the saddle. I want to see if I can stand on your shoulders as you ride.”

Rajar braces himself in the war saddle.

Berra clambers up, managing to stand on tiptoes on his shoulder, and even look around. “Possible,” she says, hopping down to the saddle back with one hand to slow her. “And a good view. Higher than Serala standing on horseback. Not as high as her hawk. If you ever go to the Hollow, call on me.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever need to go. I might want to one day. Although the temple sends warriors to contain and raid.”

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