Racing The Sun

Berra — Racing The Sun

????, Earth Season, Disorder Week


Earth Season, Disorder Week, Windsday, late evening. Berra is looking for Lord Eril, who is probably at the top of a flight of a thousand steps. [[[s02:session-1|Session 1]]]


He’s probably still at the Palace.

He might sleep there. If he needs to rest.

But his Temple’s not up there. And he’s not going to show weakness.

So he’ll likely come down. And he’ll come down the main steps, so he can be seen.

And because the other steps take longer and are frankly a right bastard to negotiate.

So I could wait here, and I’ll catch him.

Some time. He could be hours.

But if I go up…

I should go up.

The steps look golden.

Last light.

But the shadows are moving.

I bet I can beat the light to the top.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!1Special and then several passes on DEX x 5

Keep… Going…2Special on CON x 5

Aaaand done.

Ow, that hurt.

Don’t fall over. Don’t fall over.

Turn and face the Sun. I beat it.

Goodnight, Yelm. You’re beautiful.

  • 1
    Special and then several passes on DEX x 5
  • 2
    Special on CON x 5