Prayer In Darkness

Berra — Prayer In Darkness 01



Berra has been captured by a Zorak Zorani Death Lord, who has plans for her alive that are far worse than him simply eating her. [[[s01:session-35|Session 35]]]


Hail Humakt. This hurts. Eyes closed. Keep breathing really slowly. No panicking.
Hate hewer. Wait. Needs his titles first. Keep breathing slowly. This hurts.

What titles should I use? Finding death… defeating the Darkness… I set out to defeat it but not this Darkness. Wrong quest. Ow. Don’t let him know I’m awake. He can’t find out.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH! Please no please ohg oddd….”

No. Need. to fake. that

@@ @@part.

That hurt. Still hurts.

No tears. Blood is a good mask.

I said no tears.


Gone? Open eyes. No good. Dark. Do they see in the dark? Close eyes again. Look blank.

I’m missing. He’ll find me. They’ll find me. Make it a … ow this hurts. Except my hand.

I can’t feel my hand.

Make it a message. He might ask. He’ll ask at the Temple.

They might ask. Need warning.


Hail Humakt Sword seeker sole Separator
Hear her hate hewer foe found
Blood bathed brute battle meeting mountain
Wild water Movement made strengthen Sword
Guide guard Death Deliver Humakt Helper


Humakt, He who hunted for Death when it was stolen and is the only rightful god of Death.1Or, ‘He who may be seeking me’.,
Hear now your warrior against the misuse of Death.2Or, ‘Defeater of Zorak Zoran’.,3Or ‘Death Lord’. I have found one of my enemies.4Or, ‘I am found by my enemy’.,5Or, ‘The Death Lord has found his enemy’.,6Or, ‘We are bound from the very beginning as enemies’.
My foe is ritually washed in blood.7Or, ‘I/my foe are drenched in blood.’ I shall fight the Beast.8Or, ‘This foe uses force and not sharpness’. I go forth eagerly to meet this great challenge.9Or, ‘This is a difficult task.’,10Or, ‘I am prepared to fight a large thing.’,11Or, ‘This will happen in a high place.’
I, new to your worship12Or, ‘A water source not touched by humans’., am too changeable and rebellious, but I leap to fight your enemy.13Or, ‘This thing was against my will’.,14Or, ‘We came some distance to get here’.,15Or, ‘I was forced to come here’. Make me strong.16Or, ‘Strengthen one greater than I am’.
Let me act in your image.17Or, ‘Help my mentor find me’. Be with me now18Or, ‘Send a powerful worshipper’.,19Or, ‘Get me out of here’., and let me do your work for you.20Or a genuine cry for help and the release of death.