Prayer During Sacred Time

Berra — Sacred Time 01



Sacret Time, 1625, after the disasterous end to the Hero Quest ([[[s01:session-17]]]-ish)


Chief Champion, Sword Sustainer, Deathly Defender
Mark me, pouring pain, soaring spirit.
Battalion buttress, help Humakti Sartar screen
Defend dales, protect ploughmen, guard grasslands
Meet middle-Air arrogator, Sartarite sacrificing


“Humakt, who represents all I should be, who by the sword protects, and protects the sword, who defends with deadly force the secret that is death, I speak to the part of you that knows honourable war. I speak to your whole. Here is all I have, given in a purification through agony. If you are so minded, take notice. I accept all you load on me.

“Strengthen us in this coming war; be an example to us, and do perfectly what we do to the best of our ability. Protect us so that we may protect.

“Let us meet the Lunars, thieves of the air from the Air Gods themselves, and offer up our strength, even our lives, against those who take the lives of Sartarites for power.”