Prayer Before Flying

Berra — Berra Prayer 01

????, Earth Season


In late Earth Season, preparing to climb Kero Fin with several people she liked and one person she really did not, Berra prayed to Humakt for the strength to put up with the cold, the climbing, and the company.


Grim god, hard-handed weapon warrior,
Hear her, sitting still, weaving words
Seldom suffices lonely labour. Bolster brotherhood.
Honour offers cold comfort; adequate abundance.
Supply strength. Take tremors, cut contention.


“Here is all my magic, bar what I need to keep awake to say this. I revere you, before even those who perform as you do in this world.

“The strength of one alone cannot win here. Honour is enough for me, against both the cold challenge ahead, and the cold of the ill regard of man. I accept that being correct in behaviour is difficult but worthwhile. I would like help, if it is available, to know how not to argue when keeping peace is better, and against the dictates of my personality, and against the biting North Wind that sometimes you send. I am determined in this path even if no help comes.”