Family Matters

Berra — Family 01



Berra is trying to work out what to do with her new-found wealth, some of which is very familiar to her. Between [[[s01:session-27|session 27]]] and session 28.


… Which hide should I give her? I said to her I’d do my best to get us land, and I have. I should let her decide. Mother’s is mother’s but I fought for the other one. I mean, I fought for it. It’s mine. But Haran will need to eat plenty to put on weight and be strong. Well, what would Yehna do?

I should ask Yehna. This is not like asking what D’Val would do.

What would D’Val do? Find out what is important.

careful trollkin voice: Family.


What if I get Severed from my Clan or my Family? Is it right to give up land? Am I trying to avoid that?

No. I said I would. I got armour, Yehna got a dowry. Now I am back and both of those have borne fruit.


Little Haran! As long as we are siblings, we share. And that means I get to count his toes and fingers, which are completely and entirely perfect.

Yet… he is clouding my thinking. I want to protect him. It’s seen as honourable not to lie. It’s a geas that I might have and I would welcome it. But protecting the Clan has honour, and I might be taken from that.

It … it only hurts now.

I cannot be strong. Not here. I cannot treat Haran the same as other children. He is mine! And Yehna is not other women. She is mine too. So I cannot even act in accordance with a geas I might be given.

This is like the story of Gafret’s Last Meal. If I were Gafret, I would eat the warrior’s rations, not the feast. But that is easy. He knew he was going to his reward. My reward is the altar. Until then, I should live as I do now. He was himself until the end. I will be myself.

I love my family. I will not sever from them until Humakt commands, and then I will do it as gladly as I embrace Truth.


“Yehna, are you there?”

“Nowhere else, Berra. Have you had breakfast?”

“No. I’m not hungr-“

“Not the same thing. Sit. Eat. Do you still like honey?”

“… What kind?”

“Blue Tree Tula honey. I don’t know where the bees go. Here, porridge and some dried fruit and some honey. Will that be enough?”

“… Do I have to eat all this?”

“Yes. You’re thin. I think that giant you travel with must be stealing your food but look at you, Berra. Not eating what is in front of you. What worries you, sister?”

“I have two hides. They’re mine, but one was our mother’s…”

“You do. And what is your problem? Some people would be pleased but you look like you’re not hungry and I don’t believe that.”

“I don’t know which one you should have.”

“Oh. Well, that is easy. enough to answer. They are yours.”

“I said I would buy our land back, if I could. I had planned to own it and have you keep it but -“

“Our land. That is yours, not ours, and yes I will be your tenant and no I do not need to own it and if you do not eat so help me Ernalda I will hit you.”

“You couldn’t if I didn’t want you t… don’t try that.”

“It is a very small ladle and it would not hurt. Am I making you nervous, warrior?”

“I don’t like porridge in my hair. Nobody who has had that once ever wants it again.”

“So… you want to give me land. Like I have no pride?”

“No. Like I have no heirs.”

(( Oh. That makes it easier. Now I know what to do. ))

“Oh Berra. Can that not wait? You’re alive now.”

“And I might die any time, and sometimes Humakt does a thing that is like death. My heirs might well get my property then. I don’t know. But if you don’t then I don’t know how that works. I should probably ask. But I can always donate to the temple if I should not have given you this.”

“Berra, you are talking and not eating again.”

“And you are trying to change the subject… I want you to keep the land where our parents are buried. If I get buried there too, plant flowers. And I’ll have what I just fought for. … Yehna, did you mean to sit down like that? You’re looking pale. Are you hungry?”

“It… I…. no. Just… It will be mine.”

“Haran should eat well and grow fat. That will help.”

“My land. I have land!”

“Um, put the ladle down? Argggh! Get off me! That’s dripping in my armour. IN, not ON! Do you hear Haran? Can you even hear me!”

“Eeeeeeeee I have land!”

“Let go of me please! Alright… sit by me while we eat. You can cut the fruit up for me and I’ll do the hard work of lifting the spoon.”