Esrolian Exercise

Berra — Esrolian Exercise

????, Dark Season


Dark Season, first Wildday Eve. Follows on directly from Praxian Practicalities. [[[s02:session-19|Session 19]]]


Getting ready to go out to the Temple of Humakt, Berra has a quick talk with Rajar then goes to the fountain to wash off a few beer splashes from her armour.

“We should look to move to a different temple,” the bison rider rumbles. “Orlanth-Vinga perhaps. This is not our hosts’ fight.”

Xenofos walks to the inner court to talk with Berra. He is wrapped in his riding cloak and eyeing the edges of court with suspicion.

“Water is good for the moment,” Berra tells Rajar. “And it’s bigger than the inn. But we should get out of the city, not just the Temple. If Venna has nothing for us to do, we should look for a useful task somewhere.” Finally she seems satisfied with the state of her armour, flicking water off a vambrace and twisting it on.

“This is truth. Too many buildings and hidy holes in towns. Out on the Steppes.” Rajar seems pleased.

“I need to return to the local library to arrange some more research, but leaving this place would not make me sad.” He looks around to the shadows.

Berra grunts. “You did say you would,” she admits. “But try to make it quick. Can anyone else do it for you?” She scoops up a handful of water to clean her face despite the rapidly cooling evening.

“I need to find someone, I don’t read Pavic…”

“And I need to be off.” Berra heads in that direction, at a fast walk.

“Right.” Xenofos follows without further comment.

“Can you keep Varanis company a bit, and work out with her where she wants you sleeping?” Berra gives Xenofos a quick glance, her tone serious.

“Sure, when I return.”

“Where are you going?” Berra gets curious as they reach the edge of the courtyard.

“The Temple of Humakt and back. Nothing will happen at library before tomorrow.” He peers toward the gate and street.

Berra stops where they can still just be heard. She considers for a moment1Failing a roll on Air and passing Battle. and then says, “Not you. It should be Suuraki. You’d be walking back alone.”

“Well, you should not walk alone either.” He leans back thoughtfully. “Hmmm. After todays meeting with assassins maybe not Suuraki either.”

“Yeah. Suuraki. He’ll be with me then he’ll be away from this place in a town where his people are.” Berra looks around for him. “But it should be quick.”

“Not him alone either… He was along in killing assassins and asking questions later. The two of us?”

“I’d prefer to have you sleep. We’ll need to be alert later. I’m not the main target – she is.” Berra gestures back to the courtyard, not to a specific room.

“It won’t take that long. And taking off the pieces protecting the Queen on the board is good strategy even though slaying the Queen is object of the game.”

“I know. And I’m still the warrior here and you don’t have armour and you would be coming back to a known point.” Berra calls out, rather louder, “Suuraki? High Llama Man?” Her trade-talk is Esrolian-accented.

“I have my sword. And to be a noble is to be a warrior. ” He looks a bit like Varanis when she is on her stubborn mood.

“Hmm?” Suuraki makes a noise to indicate where he is, or that he has heard.

“I need to get to the Temple of Humakt. Can you walk me there? And… Xenofos wants to go too, but he shouldn’t. But if he does can you keep him safe?”

Suuraki looks over at the strange foreigner and shrugs. “If he dies he will not die alone.” He picks up his dagger axe and slings it behind him.

“Close enough. Shortest way to the temple, please. In a hurry.”

Xenofos gives the Llama-rider a nod.

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    Failing a roll on Air and passing Battle.