Equipment You Might Require

Berra — Equipment You Might Require

????, Fire Season, Truth Week


Fire Season, some time in Truth Week. [[[s01:session-44|Session 44]]]


In the White Grape common room Xenofos approaches Berra at some time when she is doing guard duty.

Berra gives Xenofos a nod, and keeps staring at the door. She is failing to look terrifying, mostly because she keeps grinning. New armour. “Xenofos. Hail.”

“Hello, little cousin.”

“Help ya? Uh… I mean, can I help you?” There is a moment of confusion as Berra switches from some local patois to more formal Heortling.

“Fine armour. A tad heavier than your earlier rig.”

“It’s easy to move in, but I could do with less weight on my shoulders.” Berra shrugs. “Still, I’ll get used to it. I need to get the padding right.” Her attention is still mostly on the door.

“True, padding is important, but even that can be a bit chafing especially after it has been sweated on and it has dried couple of times. I have heard a scarf helps with that.” A pause. “So I got this for you.”

“I can…” Berra pauses to look around.

He hands over a bundle.

Berra scoots around so she can watch the door while feeling what is in the bundle. Then she opens it. Two-handed. Something got fixed.

There’s a deep, rich blue silk scarf. It has water runes and movement runes picked out in silver threads.

Berra looks up at Xenofos and grins. “Thank you. That…” She looks down, obviously moved. “It’s lovely.”

“Nice to hear you like it.”

“I’ll have to find a reason to wear it. A proper time out.” She holds it up, and then carefully puts it down. “I’m on watch,” she says gruffly. “Can’t look.” Still, she folded it rather than just dropping it into a pile.

“I would have you wear it with armour. For comfort, rather than wait for any special occasion.” Shrug. “But its yours, you do as you like.”

“Not for the next week,” Berra says. “I need to be separate from the world. Armour chafes sometimes. Swords cut. If Lord Eril cannot be Humakt – if the effort would kill him – then I have to be.” She touches the scarf with her fingertips. “I think I understand that mystery better now.”

A bow, and no more.

Berra gives Xenofos a big smile, but a quick one, looking away too fast. She pulls herself together and concentrates on the door, but her expression is changed now, more thoughtful.