Blue Tree Clan Tattoo – Xenofos

Berra — Blue Tree Clan Tattoo 02



Berra comes to find Xenofos to tell him about meeting the Wyter, and having a clan tattoo. [[[s01:session-27|Session 27]]]


Some time after the drinking began, but before people realise just what perry is and begin to regret their life choices, Berra seeks out Xenofos. She seems happy, maybe more than he has ever seen in her. Her hair is a mess, which is odd, because that means she is not wearing her helmet. It’s been left somewhere.

Xenofos is watching the doors. Right hand side from the main doors, about mid hall.

Berra looks sober, although she has a cup. She sees Xenofos and her happy face breaks into a slightly lopsided smile.

A polite nod.

Berra sits down, and manages to do so without getting into Xenofos’ view too much. He can keep watching the doors. “You’re in no danger here, from the Clan,” she says. Subtle, as ever.

“I guess so, I would not expect them to break hospitality after sharing wine and food.” His eyes scan the hall and return to the doors.

“Then… I know it’s hard to relax, but normally I’m the one doing this. What’s wrong?” And then slightly unexpectedly, “Can I help?”

Slow turning of the head and locking of eyecontact. Awkwardly long pause.

Berra has played this game before, it seems. She gives a wide smile and waits.

“I thank you for the offer, I don’t know.”

Berra sighs a little. “Then can you tell me what’s wrong? I just came here to ask you a question, but if you’re worried, I’d like you to be less worried.” It certainly looks like she’s telling the truth. The blue rune on her cheek has been re-applied, the paler blue of fresh woad sitting on the dark blue of a neat shape made by years.

“I may be hearing thunder where there is just passing wagons, but I don’t think you can this time tell me if I am worrying idly. So pray tell me, what were You thinking of asking.”

“Mhm. So in that case, I should also be given the chance to hear the wolves, I think. Maybe that’s an idle thought too. I was thinking of – in fact I was going to ask – do you have any geases or taboos on pigment and colouring in tattoos?”

A raised eyebrow is the only answer.

Berra goes on. “The Clan Tattoo is normally done over the naval, but any patch of skin will work, if it’s big enough. If you’ve heavily tattooed already there might be a problem.”

Either politely, or for good sense in communication, Berra is speaking in Esrolian. She hesitates occasionally, but she can manage this conversation.

A flicker of amusement is suppressed into a polite expression “I seem to infer interesting implications in your words. “

“Uuuuh…. like?” Berra waits.

“Like I should – for reason or another – be taking a clan tattoo, of which practises you would be well informed. I had honestly not given any thought to such matters.”

“Well, you’re going to meet the Wyter, and be part of the Clan. I suppose it might not have occurred to you yet.” Berra shrugs that off.

“Interesting thought, I am honoured of that.”

“The Wyter Priest does the tattooing. He’s explaining to the Tree what’s happening. But if you do have a way you can’t be tattooed, I should let him know.” Berra sips from her cup, the first time she has done so in the conversation.

“The amount of bare skin would not be an issue.” A wry grin, a hint of warmth in his sideways glance.

“Sartar is pretty cold. Bare skin is often an issue.” Berra smiles.

“But You are right, I have not given thought to this and I probably should.”

“I’ll be around. You can’t meet it before tomorrow anyhow. It’s late and I think Rajar may have passed out in his beard. Maybe meeting my sister was too much for him.” Berra pushes herself up, ready to go.

Smile, nod, back to scanning. Xenofos’ cup has not been touched during this time.

Berra stands, and sighs. “Really. I’m Humakti. I might be able to help. I understand battles.” But she is only pausing in case he says something, not stopping to force it.

“Your concern is appreciated.”

The good mood Berra is in comes straight back, as she picks up her cup and leaves.