Berra — Betrayed

????, Dark Season, Death Week


Dark Season, Death Week, Dawn of Windsday. [[[s02:session-20|Session 20]]]


Mine. It’s MINE.

She took it. Stole it.

Orlanth. While I talked to him. He was just keeping me busy… HE KNEW.

He had his… his… I can’t even think that.

He had it stolen from me. While he ordered me to give him a thing I had to protect, he had it stolen.

He knew I wouldn’t. So he stole it.

I… never knew being betrayed would hurt.

And I failed. I’ve failed my Lord, in Boldhome. I’ve failed Death. Failed to protect my Torch. My sword. MY sword.

Time to get up and go do today’s things, then.

Bloody hell it’s turned cold fast.