Berra’s Youth

Berra — Berra Youth 01

????, Storm Season


Berra’s people, the [[[clans:blue-tree|Blue Tree Clan]]], live on a tributary of the Creek, in an area with good horse grazing, and a cliff on which there grows a sacred tree, its trunk blue from some trick of the area, or long years of the application of woad. The area below the cliff is good land, but for the lethal windings of the local river, which can change course several times in Storm season and Sea season, as rains or meltwater come down.


Berra counts her years with a handful of Clacks, putting each one into a line and saying a thing of import that happened. It is possible for the numerate to work backwards. Special years are represented by a Lunar.

1604: “This was the year that your grandfather’s death was told to us. He died after Boldhome.”
1605: “This is the year of the three head fight. The Turtle Clan was friendless.”
1606: “This is the year that you were born. The river made many forks and small islands.”
1607: “This is the year Chief Ganah died. The harvest was good and the river was kind.”
1608: “This is the year of strong colts, and a horse that had a golden mane up on the cliff. Your sister was born.”
1609: “This is the year your father died. Your mother stayed with the clan and your cousins’s cousins. The wine branch of the river flooded the ox hall.”
1610: “This is the year the Trickster made the dunghill disappear. A skeleton walked into the Tula.”
1611: “This is the year that your cousin Ilda was married to a Turtle Carl. It was a year marriage that lasted until his death.”
1612: “This is the year the Lunars tried to tax Coppit twice, and he became an outlaw to them.”
1613: “This is the year that Sartar rose up against the Lunars.”
1614: “This is the year of Cold Sorrow, when wives had greater number than husbands.”
1615: “This is the year the Grazelanders savaged the Lunars.
1616: “This is the year of three raids by Dark Trolls.”
1617: “This is the year that your mother died. It was in Storm Season, on a clear day.”
1618: “This is the year that you are sent away. Now you must begin the telling yourself. This is the year I was sent away from home. I swore to be a warrior. I went to live with kin in the Holy Country.”
1619: “This is the year I first saw Nochet.”
1620: “This is the year I became an adult. It was in Storm Season. I began training with the militia.”
1621: “This is the year of the Great Winter. Orlanth and Ernalda died.”
1622: “This is the year the Great Winter’s ice cracked. There was a battle at the Auroch Hills.”
1623: “This is the year that Nochet was under siege. In Sea Season, I was initiated with Humakt. I fought.”
1624: “This is the year of Pennel Ford. I was marked by Humakt on the shoulder, and rallied my troops. I went to the City of Wonders.”
1625: “I fought for Argrath in Pavis and acclaimed him King. I journeyed to Whitewall and Heroquested.”
1626: “I travelled on a river. I was Humakt. I was tricked and Voria lived. The Truth Sword was made for me.”
1627: “This is my year now. I saw the Feathered Horse Queen. I was Humakt, and lost a curved sword.”

Family Tree
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