Berra’s Meditations on Water


In a fight with scorpion folk, Berra called on a rune and blurted out the wrong one, inspiring herself with water instead of movement. She began to wonder why.


Water Rune is the running of rivers. The swerving of water around obstacles.

Water is a line, made of many lines. Many currents flow within one. The water rune can sit next to itself.

Drawn close together, the two runes are one rune, a thicker river or a deeper sea.

At any part within the water rune there is no clue where the end is. Only travelling the river until you see the end lets you know. This is true also if the Water is a sea.

Drawn as one line over another, evenly, water is the sea; the march of waves. Drawn as multiple lines that join, rise, or fall, the water rune is a choppy sea, a stormy way. Draw all lines rising, and the sea rises with the tides. All lines falling and the tide goes out.

Draw all lines one way up to Yelm, and pause to consider. Draw all lines the other way, down to Yelm in the darkness, and you have the power of water to go over and under obstacles.

Draw all the lines towards the centre. Water is gathered. Draw all the lines outward. Water wishes to spread. The gathering of water can be a lake, but always from the central point there are ways away.

Mostly, the gathering of water is a thing done by man, or other intelligent things. Water is the most direct life-giver in the desert, and the most direct life-taker for the drowning.


Father. You gave me a name. Accept my thanks, even if I turn from it.


Water, if cleaved, flows together. If held apart, waits. Water is patient, and ferocious. changeable, but not malleable. You cannot sculpt in water.


Water brings fertility and death.