Berra Choosing A Temple

Berra — Berra Choosing A Temple

1625, Dark Season


Travelling back from Alda Chur to Boldhome after visiting Kero Fin, Berra started trying to make a choice of temple. Having left Nochet and returned to Sartar, she wanted to find a temple (and associated military organisation) in which to serve Humakt.


Almost back. Then what?

Temple. Decision. Life is choices. Joining the Boldhome Temple is probably the best way of toughening myself up. Body conditioning, mind conditioning. I dislike Eril, but I can work under those I dislike. Too, that dislike will make me think more, work harder, push myself more. If I am lucky he will work me harder than he does anyone else.

Alda Chur is a dream. Gallem was kind. I could get there before Dark Season if I hurried. But would it force the best from me? Could I ask that of him, knowing he has other, eager initiates?

Whitewall is a possibility. I would miss D’Val.

(Shut up, Berra. He is a Sword of Humakt. He would have responsibilities. You have no call on his time.)

Learning not to miss a mentor is also good, but leaving aside that I admire him, I could learn much from him. But still, Whitewall. An unknown place, with unknown Rune Masters. It might even have no High Sword yet. It had initiates, when Eril was there. But if it is still without a captain, could the place teach me? Press me?

Whitewall would be satisfying. I helped it. But I am helping Boldhome too, and that does not add to the pull, so what I am feeling is the demands of pride.


*rolls on Air: 2*

And what is wrong with that anyhow? I did well. I helped spirits to leave, and the rains came. I will not hold it as a failure, only as a small success in a large world. That too is success. So I could go to Whitewall, where I do not know the situation… I should find out the situation in Whitewall.


And then decide.