Armour Up

Berra — Armour Up

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Fireday. [[[s01:session-40|Session 40]]]


After about a day in Wilmskirk, and her library and temple visit, Berra drops onto a stool beside Irillo. “Your armour,” she says without preamble. “Was… was it a sacrifice you think you should keep making? Or will you be replacing it?”

“I will be replacing it. At least for travel. This group is a bit interesting “

“Oh right, yes. Not in the Quest.” Berra nods. “I’ll pay a portion. You shouldn’t have to bear that alone.”

“That’s not necessary. But thank you for the offer.”

“Fair enough. But if you ever do.” She shrugs. “I know you’ve got money, but you’ve got people, too.”

“Thank you. I wasn’t sure people had noticed”

Berra thinks, probably about how to consider that. “Varanis knows. I think Rajar knows but it wouldn’t occur to him not to say something if he needed something. Xenofos… I think he was amazed by what the Household of Death did. You’re not trying to keep us all together while you fall apart inside, are you? I’ve seen that happen and it’s not good.”

“I’m not. This is…. an unusual experience for me. He does not think as I do. Perhaps the contrast is good for both of us.”

“I… do you think he wants it found?” Berra’s face shows evidence of many questions queued up.

“I doubt it. If he did, he would have done so himself.”

“So… we need a plan. A way to keep things hidden. One for if we find it, one for if we find something else.”

Berra falls silent briefly and then adds, “Finarvi wanted me to tell you his father’s a salt trader, and you should come up from Greyrock Fall with a caravan. He’d welcome you.” Even for her it is an abrupt change of subject.

“That is good news. I’m not sure salt will ever be my favourite substance to move… it’s heavy and bulky… but with contacts in that area it may be something to fill panniers”

“Could you make a longer caravan? Take someone else there to make introductions?” That’s Berra’s hopeful face.

“Probably. Working out a network of contacts is useful to everyone.”