Parting Ways

1629, Sea Season, Illusion Week, Wildday


Kesten is awfully inconvenient and a woman suffers so. Session SA4.16.


An Ernaldan has to be seen to be fertile and generous. With her husband away for four weeks, she could prove her love for him by waiting. If he is away for the whole season, as he has said he might be, then it would not be right to leave her bed empty. Fire Season is warm, of course. An extra body, even a young, keen social climber with good manners, would be less welcome than in Winter. When snow might even fall on the city, a lover is more delightful.

The correct play is simple enough. She will by coincidence have a suitable young man begin hanging around her as soon as she might begin to miss her second husband. Then if dear Kesten comes back early, she has been stalwart in her love for him, and if he tarries far away, she is not lonely. More, if a bright young thing is asking, a lady is not seen to have to seek him. She knows how the gossip would go. Desperate for someone younger. One husband is glad to be away and the other… poor man. She has indulged in and sometimes encouraged such talk herself.

Without the… House troubles… she might retreat to her country estate, or even visit Kesten’s. A Season spent seeing to her own business and looking after that of two husbands is almost expected. If only one could just leave! The House of Hulta needs her, and a woman stays where she is needed.

So, a young admirer, maybe two, it must be. Kesten is a dear fellow and his talents are being rewarded but he is tremendously inconvenient sometimes.