Cockerel Blocked

1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week


Berra is leaving Lord Raven alone in the city for the first time. Session SA4.1.


The feel of her fades as she leaves the city, is gone soon after. She did not visit before she departed, and he keeps his emotions in check while he examines them.

Cautiously he decides that she needs time for herself. A broken Priest is not what he needs. If she can only concentrate on one task, he will live without her.

As she travels he loses track of her, knowing only that he could draw on her spirit if he had to. The first evening, he does, with an awareness he is testing a limit. Finding himself whole and solid is a relief.

The next day he tries to talk to her, but there is nothing to answer him.

On Clayday Eve he wants to exist, but her spirit refuses his call. He feels the way she guards herself, knows that she is unable to give what he wants, and waits. The night seems longer than usual. The sparks that are prayers to him make everything more lonely.

Daytime crawls. Darl and Amling both visit, and speak, but he does not take form. Time has become a thing he must ration carefully.

The evening brings caution, and then a surge of relief as she releases what she can. He leans against his altar, feeling the texture of the stone, the weight and solidity of existing.

If she vanishes there will be nobody to do this. Although he does not like her, he knows he will have to protect her. The little companion band will do for a start. Amling is greedy for more. She will have to make him into her master of intelligence. Darl should be that face she lacks, the sensible one. Varanis, his Priest’s best friend, is unlikely to take orders even for Berra’s good.

This means he must organise the group within the Temple structure. It should not be possible to hire from within them unless…

No. The full weight of the Great Wyter bears on every part of his spirit. It judges him, finds him out of bounds, commands him to return to duty.

The power of a hundred battles has decided he will not have his own inner Temple.

There can be no arguing.

Lord Raven, have you had communication from your Priest?

My Lord Hero. She is beyond ordinary reach as a Wyter. She lives.

Ordinary reach?

I think I could speak into her thoughts, Hero Eril. To explain how is impossible, I think. Either you have that sense or you do not, and it lacks a name I have found.

Is it akin to answering her Divination?

How would I know?

I have no doubt that Jarang’s daughter will demonstrate.

She said she would, if she was likely to be late. However, I believe in her date-keeping.

Inform Athanu immediately if there is any problem.

Do you think I would hesitate?

Fine, don’t answer, then.

On Windsday he waits for Fireday. The evening and night bring him no answer from her. She must be in the wilds, reserving her magic. He counsels himself to patience. Amling visits to fill the lamps, and talks a while, of inconsequential things and the arrangements for the evening. It fills the time.

Wildday is a day of worship. He hangs in place behind the altar as evening approaches. The minutes he has saved will be used later.

Berra has arranged that Amling will perform her duties here for Disorder Week, Darl for Harmony Week. If she has not returned for the Holy Day, she will send instructions or let him make up his own mind.