Transcript Of Conversation With Initiate Berra

Eril — 0230 Transcript Of Conversation With Initiate Berra



When considering far-flung actions it is appropriate to undertake scouting by multiple methods. Jarang’s Daughter visited the city of Stone Over Souls, and here reports to Lord Eril Sambar Humakti, High Sword of Boldhome. Jarang’s Daughter is an initiate in good standing, who has demonstrated loyalty repeatedly but is in no way a political native, or even frequent guest to politics. Transcript continues following Heroquest report

Expanded log from [[[berra:a-lot-of-bother|A Lot of Bother]]].


Reminder of time.

This ordeal is nearly over. I have lived through worse.

After that, and the effort of recall, Berra stays on her knees, but not in the question-answering attitude she had before. There is the look of someone who is nearly finished now, and a little calculation in her eyes as she tries for the next few sentences without messing anything up. “I haven’t yet collected the torc. I need to talk to Sword Graria about lodging money with the Temple.” That is, she has money problems, and jewellery to sell. “And God Talker Nala asks if you know anything about the Goddess of Teeth and Salt, who’s dead a lot.”

His lips twitch just slightly. A smile? Amusement? Or wind? “Then why does she not ask it herself? She has been here a while.”

Well, Initiate?

Wisdom, or fear?

Respect for my position, I infer.

Not respect for you?

Choose not to answer.

The pause goes on for long enough to make it obvious that Berra is struggling with her answer. Finally, it is, “I couldn’t say for sure.”

“I see. Next question?”

“I was wondering if your sword was going to be one of your worshippers, but I don’t think that’s important any more. And I stood up behind the altar in the sword room in the palace and it didn’t kill me but I think I need to ask my Sword Lord about it, but I guess I should let my High Sword know I did that. And that’s it, except to ask when I can tell the Regiment up by the North Gate that supplies will be arriving. I’ll be able to tell you what people they’re really short of once I’ve visited, but you probably guessed. Everyone competent. So I’d like to know if you intend to dedicate officers to them. So that’s a question too. Supplies, and what I should prepare them for.”

Query: discipline initiate for disrespect to Temple?

No. She has already learned why.

“If they will accept them. Discuss it. Food will occur. But not too much just yet.”

“Yeah. I know I have to persuade them.” Berra stands, and bows. “Thank you for your time, Lord. I’m sorry I… no, I’m not sorry I was bothering you with questions, but I’ll try not to in future.”

“The important ones, of course, you should.”

Berra nods, and now she is just waiting to be dismissed.

He waves Berra off. There is a distinct air of “shoo”.

Berra goes to do just that.


My attention is yours.

As a spirit I value your service. Do you know that?

You have asked me the same before.

And when you are gone, and I am a dead Hero, I will regret it for a particular reason.

I await explanation.

When I die, her first Divination will be, ‘Did you mean to do that?’

Caution: I will be unable to remind you of this conversation.

My point exactly.